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SportsMedSA is committed to helping every athlete work through every sports-related injury. Our team of Board-Certified Physicians has more than 130 years of sports medicine expertise.


Because we specialize in sports medicine, we see more sports-related concussions than other groups of physicians in the region. That’s why we designed our Brain Heroes proprietary concussion management protocol to offer a level of sports concussion care and comprehensive strategies that is unparalleled in South Texas.


Our Brain Heroes physicians and consulting physicians have significant experience working with the Return-to-Play (RTP) guidelines set by the University Interscholastic League (UIL), the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and other sports governing bodies.


We adhere to these guidelines and coordinate our Return-to-Play program with the school or team athletic trainer, trainer and, of course, parents.


SportsMedSA’s concussion management philosophy embraces three actions:


  1. Proactively determine the athlete’s unique brain profile with a baseline test.
  2. Extensively evaluate the athlete after a concussion, which includes a physician evaluation and an in-depth review of post-concussion studies.
  3. Prevent future complications by ensuring that the athlete has returned to his or her baseline profile.


We are dedicated to supporting and enabling the optimal performance of each and every athlete in South Texas. And if a concussion does occur, we’re committed to helping every athlete safely play again.


Let us help you play again. Give us a call at 59-BRAIN or 210-592-7246 to schedule your appointment for a baseline test.




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